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The Looney Moonies want the Moon to have a unique name. What would YOU name the Moon?


The Looney Moonies are the characters in an internet-based cartoon. They were created to help campaign for the Earth’s moon to get a unique name. In the future, the Looney Moonies will to take you on more adventures and help you learn about our Universe.
The Looney Moonies were created by a group of friends — animators, writers, and collaborators — who believe that social communication is also a fun way to educate people (especially kids). So be sure you join with is as we continue to have fun exploring space with our Looney Moonie cartoon characters.
For their current adventures, the Looney Moonies have joined in the Name the Moon campaign. Be sure you follow them during the Name the Moon campaign here or on the Name the Moon website. And then watch for new adventures once the Name the Moon campaign ends.

You can support the Looney Moonies by following their adventures and telling your friends to follow them too.

The Looney Moonies are campaigning to give the Earth’s moon a unique name and teach children about our celestial neighborhood. By supporting the Name the Moon campaign you are also helping the Looney Moonies.

We also have some fun lesson ideas to get students, teachers, and all children involved. It’s all in an effort to get kids excited about our celestial neighborhood. They can also:

  • Enter unique names for the moon at
  • Sign a petition asking the official naming organization to consider giving the Moon a unique name
  • Vote for the best, unique name for the Moon at in June
  • Learn more about uniquely named moons that orbit other planets at
  • Download fun Loonie Moonies coloring pages, poster, a storybook, and much more.

So join in the fun. There’s so much to learn!

And be sure to find us on social media and watch for educational tidbits and Looney Moonies episodes that will enthrall your children and students.

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